gadgITERATION is creative technology for novices centered in experimentation with electronic circuitry and interaction design.



Our Parsons Design and Technology (D+T) team believes, that for sustained inquiry and making, under-served or under-resourced youth best engage through their own interests, especially in the context of creativity generation and STEM learning. The program includes partners, MOUSE, The Brooklyn College Community Partnership at BCAL, the Education Department at Wagner College, and The Parsons Scholars Program. Our microcontroller, The NoiseMaker, provides easy, low-cost access to basic exploration of computer engineering and interaction design. Our program, gadgITERATION, nurtures peer-based collaboration, articulation, and transfer of skills and knowledge in engineering and design. The project is generously supported by The Hive Digital Media and Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust, AMT-Parsons School of Design, and Google.

Gadgiteration Summer Workshop 2014

– During this workshop I have learned many new things, the most essential being the basics of circuits, the subatomic particles which electricity are comprised of and how to set up LEDs (through Gadgiteration’s noisemakers). I have become very adept at the use of various technologies as a result of the summer workshop, but these …

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The first two weeks were really fun. Working with the noisemaker was not as exciting because I had already participated in a gadgiteration workshop in the spring, but that experience turned out to be a good thing because my projects could be more advanced. Working with the kids was the biggest challenge. You can picture …

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