gadgITERATION offers a youth development program and hardware platform for novice engagement in electronic tinkering. By foregrounding personal expression, gadgITERATION lowers barriers to the design and production of interactive, electronic objects.

Our Parsons Design and Technology (D+T) team believes that for sustained inquiry, under-served or under-resourced youth (indeed all people of all ages) best engage through their own interests, especially in the context of STEM learning. The pilot included our partners, MOUSE and The Parsons Scholars Program. Our microcontroller, The NoiseMaker, provides easy, low-cost access to basic exploration of computer engineering and interaction design. Our program, gadgITERATION, nurtures peer-based collaboration, articulation, and transfer of skills and knowledge in engineering and design. The project is generously supported by Hive NYC through The New York Community Trust