Awesomeiteration !!!

26 Jul, 2014 - By

Through my experience at gadgiteration I  have learned many new things . From facilitation to using the noise maker, one thing I have realized is that no matter what you do, everything has to have a design or structure made previously, whether its a new iteration or planning for a camp. My last two week have been great. The first week was fun and smooth the staff had planned great activities for us. They were all very supportive and understanding. When the time came to actually become facilitators last week at b-cal I realized how much of hard work and energy it takes to manage so many kids. My favorite project was the first one i made at parsons and it was very fun and creative. It was an eye liner applicator. It was both useful and futuristic. Being a facilitator and mentor was a great experience because we used so many techniques to handle so many kids by working together.

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