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Arduino Resources

  • Getting started with Arduino on Mac OS X:
  • Getting started with Arduino on Windows:
  • Sevo Motor Tutorial:
  • Stepper Motor Tutorial:


Learn How To Code Resources

  • Code Academy:
  • Lynda:


Noisemaker Resources

  • Gadgiteraetion github:
  • Resetting the noisemaker:
  1. Open the Arduino IDE
  2. Plug in the noisemaker to your computer via USB.  (Make sure the board is also powered.  You will know the board is on because the two green LEDs will light up.)
  3. Set the Board to Arduino Leonardo. (Tools >> Board >> Arduino Leonardo)
  4. Set the Serial Port to your device. (Tools >> Serial Port >> /dev/tty.usbmodem####)
  5. Download the zip-file with the original noisemaker code for V3 at
  6. Unzip the zip-file and drag the folder into your Arduino folder (Arduino folder is usually found under Documents).
  7. Change the name of folder to “final_v3“. **The name of the folder and the Arduino sketch must have the same name.
  8. Press the check button in the upper left hand corner to verify the code is correct.
  9. If there are no errors, press the button with the right pointing arrow to upload the code to the board.
  10. Now you can use the board in  your design process!

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