Daycamp Mentoring Experience

26 Jul, 2014 - By

Working as a mentor at a daycamp is a rewarding and stressful experience. If you've taken care of siblings, and love it, it's great. But kids can be rowdy, and in many occasions uncooperative. I had kids that would run off on their own to do their own thing, instead of working in their group. One thing I learned was that I can't be too nice to them or they will take advantage and see that you have no power, so they'll talk to their friends instead of work. Once they did respect me, respect is everything, they were willing to listen and work.

One important thing that helped with managing the daycamp was the week before. We did all the activities that the kids did, so we know what to do during the camp, and how to approach the projects. My project in week 1 made that week was a robotic helper pet, which looked like a cybermen cat.

Overall it was a fun two weeks. And I hope to learn to manage kids better during the third.

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