Eugene's experience

26 Jul, 2014 - By

In the past week i've learned and experienced first hand what it its like to work as a team leader and all that implies. I've gotten to explain concepts and then guided people into implementing them in curious ways. Not everything went as I thought it would but it did go better than I expected.

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The easiest thing would have to have been working on the projects once my group and I reached a level of understanding.

I was there to assist in  actually making the project come to life while they decided how it would work. The hardest part was getting everything together for a new activity in the middle of everything.


My favorite project was the bow and arrow simply because it really did both look great and function as it was intended too.


It was a fun experience being a mentor and imparting knowledge on different technology and building techniques; as a facilitator it was a bit more difficult having to just generally try and solve whatever problem arose.


I'm looking forward to improving as a mentor through the experience I gained in this past week.

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