Gadgiteration Summer Camp Reflection

26 Jul, 2014 - By

— During this apprenticeship I've learned many things, the most prominent being teamwork and patience. To expound on the former, when you are working with others you need to realize the importance they play in helping you accomplish whatever goal you seek to achieve, if you do not cooperate with your team members regardless of what you all are trying to achieve you worsen your chances in succeeding by not making use of the help they can offer you and it leads to one member of the group being overwhelmed with burden. As for patience, it is essential when working with children because they are young and if they annoy you or they become unbearable it's because they don't know better, you need to be understanding and try to set an example for them, showing anger or annoyance will only make them feel worse.

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— I've taken a lot from this experience, when you are in a situation where you are responsible for teaching things to others that you might not know so clearly, having your team support you makes you feel better, many people take for granted how important it is to have others to help you. While many people emphasize individual potential you should never forget that one man can't do everything by himself, doing too much will just overburden you, working with others increases productivity and puts everybody's individual talents to use.

— I would not change much about this program, I think the topics taught were appropriate in terms of difficulty and everything was planned properly, the only issue I would note is that there were times when we should of put more planning into activities because some times some of the interns didn't know what they were doing.

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