Gadgiteration Summer Workshop 2014

26 Jul, 2014 - By

– During this workshop I have learned many new things, the most essential being the basics of circuits, the subatomic particles which electricity are comprised of and how to set up LEDs (through Gadgiteration’s noisemakers). I have become very adept at the use of various technologies as a result of the summer workshop, but these gains all pale in comparison to the experience of working with kids who attended our workshops. Teaching kids who are younger than me taught me how to relate with people of all ages, and I learned that I have the potential to influence others to do the right thing.

– What was easy during the last two weeks was learning from the Gadgiteration coordinators what type of activities we would have to facilitate during our summer workshop. I have been to many workshops and am expreinced in workshop activities. What was difficult was actually having to lead these activities because I had to be detailed and informative when speaking to be sure kids learned from the activities. I had to take into consideration that the kids can be easily distracted.

– My favorite project was when we had the students make a invention made from noisemakers and teddy bears. They all participated because they found it intriguing to take apart and mix up various bear parts and add in new technology. It was fun and it helped them increase their skills with the noisemakers.

– It felt good to be a mentor and a facilitator because I learned new skills that would help me in teaching. Whenever I helped kids they started to look up to me and this respect gave me a feeling of accomplishment and self-gratification.

– I’m looking forward to working with high school students next week. I have already worked with ¬†middle-schoolers but working with students around my age will be a challenge and help me grow as a student and a leader.

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