Kelvin Yu gadgITERATION reflection

26 Jul, 2014 - By

Over the last two weeks, I learned a good deal about the electronics provided to us including the NoiseMaker 2.0 and how it works. Specifically the circuits within the NoiseMaker as well as the programming that goes into creating the specific musical notes provided by the NoiseMaker. With the process of facilitation, I had a good deal of prior knowledge, so I was able to use that throughout the weeks, and it seemed to work well because I made some pretty cool inventions while at Parsons. However at the gadgITERATION camp I sort of felt that I lacked sufficient amount of leadership skills or even energy to lead the kids thoroughly and efficiently. With the design process, there really wasn’t much to learn since we worked on it throughout the whole year at Mouse Corps. I would say that getting the kids to stay on task was the hardest part of my last two weeks because things got chaotic at some points and kids lost interest in what they were doing. My favorite project that I made was the I-Futon, which I made with another MOUSE Corps member, because we had this standard model with the aluminum foil, but with the iteration we gave it a clear shell and allowed others to see what actually went on inside, and the overall outcome was impressive to me. Facilitating is not my strongest skill but I felt like i was an efficient mentor because I was able to bond with the kids and get them on track when working on projects or carrying out the design. From here, I feel like learning more or going deeper into programming/coding because we have been working on team skills for a good amount of time, especially wit Mouse Corps. Other than that maybe more exploration ofelectronics. Overall, it has been a great experience at gadgITERATION and I wouldn’t mind coming back here next summer.

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