My experience in gadgiteration

26 Jul, 2014 - By

In gadgiteration i have learned about the human circuit and how it works. We worked on certain types of electronics and became used to creating objects using the noisemaker. The last two weeks has been both easy and difficult, the part where we had to pick groups and work with them was easy and helping with their ideas was also very fun. The hard part was when we were planning what to do in the next week and figuring out if they would enjoy the challenges and games, and when they did, it was very exciting. My favorite project was the one with the bears, their ideas were really interesting and cute. Being a mentor was actually not as easy as i thought it would have been, I had to work with a little girl who would run around constantly, and since I'm fasting, it was not easy keeping up with her and calming her down, but still it was fun. I am really looking forward to learning how to change the songs of the noisemakers, I'm getting kind of tired listening to the same old video game songs all the time.

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