my experience in the Gadgiteration

26 Jul, 2014 - By

in gadgiteration i learned how to put a sound maker on to any of my creations. this helped me to understand how circuits work and whether they were open or closed, complete or incomplete. i also learned how to manage my ideas through the use of the design process. while at the camp i learned how to communicate with children more efficiently and to be someone who they can look up to. in the last two weeks i had a lot of interesting experiences. some of the more difficult things i had to overcome were finding a project to build in a few of my design challenges. planning and building prototypes really helped me with thinking of a topic or design. while at the camp i had to work with a few difficult children. not that they were bad but were not willing to stay seated for a set period of time. the easy things in the past two weeks were planning for the next week which went well. i also made a lot of new friends. the planning made the first week of camp go very smoothly and i am looking forward to the next week. one of my favorite projects i made was the bear with the oxygen tank and helmet that lit up. this was my favorite because it actually included the noise maker as one of the functional pieces.  being a mentor was fun because there were some children i really liked and i saw them having fun and making new friends while working on their projects.

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