Possible improvements

26 Jul, 2014 - By

Speaking with a few (high school) students who at the end of the program were not satisfied with their experience I learned a few things that they were hoping to have done. They wanted to have constructed something more formally and didn’t find the prototyping done to have been worthwhile. They wanted their projects to be more of a physical representation of their continued work rather than an imaginative piece to display. One example used was to have a car constructed and then see whose would run best although that would be a fairly large shift from what we’ve been doing. I feel that what could be done is that we should have and encourage more use of the actual machine parts (motors, etc).


A few possible improvements for the next version / iteration of the noise maker

– A volume switch (it doesn’t need to be at maximum volume at all times)

– More diversity in the music it produces (I was going to program something which could convert music files into the sounds the noise maker makes however my computer broke a few days ago, I’ll try to send a copy of it after I get it working so that no one has to manually enter notes)

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