Time at Gadgiteration

26 Jul, 2014 - By

For the past two weeks I have been working with Gadgiteration. I’ve learned what a noisemaker is and how it works.

I also learned how to facilitate with a group of kids younger than me. For the last two weeks I think the most difficult thing I had to deal with was waking up early to make it on time to go to BCAL and having the enough energy to work with the kids when they wanted to run around. The easiest thing this week was probably giving explanations to the kids. My favorite project I made so far was the Space-Bear were, when you put his helmet down it would turn the noisemaker on. Being a mentor, it was kind of tough but certain kids were easy to work with. Right now I have no idea what I am looking forward to learning next, I guess anything I don’t know.

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